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The office of the Commissioner of Taxes, Central Taxes Survey Zone, Dhaka was set up in 1992 as a specialized Zone for surveying and creating new tax payers all over Bangladesh. This Zone started its works with manpower of 208 (according to its organogram). It has been consisted of five inspecting Range and eleven circle. Two Range and four circle is situated in Dhaka. Three circle & one Range in Chittagong, two circle and one Range in Khulna, as well in Rajshahi Division. Near about one million new tax payers were enrolled from 1993 to 2001 with the help of around sixty inspectors and other officials worked in field all over Bangladesh. On the basis of Survey extracts collected by inspectors new files was created and then files were transferred to the respective territorial Zones according to the instructions of NBR. The vision and mission to increase number of tax payers as per target given by NBR as well as government. After setup of the Zone from 1992 to 2000 this zone creates new tax payers and the Survey extracts were distributed among the taxes zones all over Bangladesh.

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Central Taxes Survey Zone, Dhaka

Address : রাজস্ব ভবন, ১১ তলা (লিফট-১০), প্লট-এফ ১/এ, আগারগাওঁ, শেরেবাংলা নগর, ঢাকা- ১২০৭।

Telephone: ০২-২২২২১৭৬৬৮

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